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Begin with the goal...

Build it the way we do with our clients to set them up for success and self-reflection across their journey with Matter Athletica.

The best way to set your goals is to

Understand your values. Explore them, question yourself, and then put them into the spreadsheet. These are the foundation of your goals.

Start with the big dream over 5 years and work back. This is hard for many people but knowing where you want to go is important.

Emotionally explore those goals, and how they will feel, sound and look.

Make sure they include the 3 types of goals you can set.

Process- What are the processes you need to execute over the weeks and months?

Performance- can you set performance metrics to achieve work towards your big goal?

Outcome- What is the result you want? Just like Steve Kotler, we don’t believe in impossible.


Set the goal and build back from there.

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Goal Setting Framework

Goal Setting Framework

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