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Prep Athletes

Seasoned veteran or newcomer to the sport..? We have you covered. We can also guarantee if you have prepped, you won't have prepped like this...


What Makes The Matter Method Of Body Composition Different?

When we say that you have never prepped like this, we mean it...

From your free consultation, we will conduct a prep pre-screening; this is where we can assess your experience, interests, and the areas of life and training that make you tick mentally. No one successfully preps without mental preparation involved. 

From here, we begin your programming and nutrition to enter a pre-prep phase and discover your growth and maintenance, monitoring your training intensity.


This progresses into your active prep phase and leads into peak week and stage day. 


Post-prep comes next and is curated to successfully transition your body and headspace out of prep. You aren't left after stage day to your own devices and the reason for this is that too many athletes are, and it drastically affects their health long term and mental wellbeing. Physical and mental health and planned to transition you back into your routines and with a healthy relationship towards competition prep. 

Our system has delivered the very athletes on this page to the stage, claimed multiple medals, and transitioned them back to their lives in a healthy fashion both mentally and physically. 

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Who is my coach? 

Your new coach is Benjamen-Mayfield Smith. The head coach and founder of Matter Athletica. 

At a glance: 

  • Bach of Behaviour Science (currently completing) Majoring in clinical psychology 

  • Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF) cert 3 in fitness 

  • AIF cert 4 in personal training 

  • AIF master trainer level 1

  • ASCA level 1 (previously completed)

  • ISSN-SNS certified

  • Acceptance and commitment therapist level 1 certified

  • Certified completion Stages of Change level 1 

Has Ben competed? 

Ben has competed multiple times across his competitive history. Previous to now, he was undertaking a professional Rugby League career that was quickly taken from him when a distracted driver went through a red light and crashed into the side of his car on the way to work. With a permanent spinal disability, Ben sought to advance in his rehabilitation to strengthen his body again after years of pain suppression and several doctors telling him he wouldn't train again. This led him down a path of bodybuilding.

Ben has gone on to claim Gold for IFBB QLD in Classic Season B 2022. From here, successfully took a multitude of athletes to the stage many of which placed multiple times. 


Book Your Free Prep Consult with Ben 

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