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The Matter Institute

Our home of advancing education for coaches and athletes. 

Upskill your existing knowledge and performance. The courses house our methods used across a multitude of athletes and clients alike. The foundations of knowledge have constituted the ongoing success and results behind everything we do at Matter Athletica. 

They align with our values of Purpose, Consistency & Intensity that underpin everything we do and will continue to do. 

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Stack Courses

Buy individually and stack what you need, create a shopping list of courses you want to complete.

Completion Certificate

Build your repertoire of skills with confidence, and extend your portfolio of attainments. 

Community Support

Join a community of coaches completing the course content with open dialogue and network.

Traditional Library

Join the Digital Campus

Go back to school. At your own pace. In your own space. 

Find the complete Matter Courses on our Matter Institute Site.


See you in class...

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