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Matter Athletica summed up in one sentence...

A team of passionate nerds, who are likely more excited about your goal than you are.

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The Matter Athletica Origins...

In 2020, the heart of chaos for the world, Matter Athletica was born with one purpose in mind... to change the standard of coaching the individual. How do we meet them where they are at, and graduate them to their intended goal so that the system we create for that individual supports their growth mentally, and physically? 

We did just that, you can read about the team on our coaches page.




"...Benny and I have been working together now for a little over 6 months now and not only have we changed my physique drastically but also my mindset and are in a much better position for it..."



"...until I met Ben, just over a casual coffee. After 10 minutes of talking to Ben I realised that this man will get me where I need to go. Ben and myself share alot of the same idols, heroes, outlooks on life which quickly made Matter Athletica a second home..."

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"...From the initial consult with Ben immediately it felt different. The communication lines were there from the get-go, and we had a plan and a vision, I wasn’t promised overnight results but more the idea of a process that required patience, hard work, persistence, and consistency..."

You can read these full testimonials, before and afters, and dozens more in the
Coaching Service Guide

Quick FAQ & Answers

How is it delivered?

All programming, habit stacking, and client resources are customised and delivered through the Matter HQ app. 

We also host frequent FAQ client sessions, seminars, and more so you have maximum resources at your fingertips.

How long will it take?

It depends greatly on the goal, but we can promise that we never gate keep education and resources from clients so they feel stuck with us. Our ultimate goal, is to achieve your goal in such detail alongside you that you no longer need us. The reason you choose to stay after the goal is achieved is because you have another one, bigger and better than the last that yo want next. That, and the Matter Team is much like family.

Do I just have to have a fitness goal?

The beauty of the Matter System, is we meet you where you are and build on it, together. We have bodybuilders, fighter pilots, actors, weight loss transformations, and habit formation clients who want to be better mums and dads for their kids. You set the goal, we teach you how to obtain it.

Who are the Coaches?

The coaches of Matter Athletica specialise in multiple domains so that you have the right fit after your assessment in the consult. From Elite prep coaching, mental mastery, habit change, programming and  nutrition, endurance as well as weight loss. Our team is built to facilitate the individual properly.

What form of Coaching do we offer?

We offer personalised 1-on-1 online coaching to a variety of clients.


Combining Psychology principles, behavioral assessments, nutritional support, tailored programming, training mechanics, and beginner to advanced courses for our clients to access and learn as part of this service. 

If you are a beginner, intermediate, or elite athlete, we build our programming to suit both your life at current and take you through a tailored approach; getting you to the life you have envisioned in the future. What that future looks like, feels like, and sounds like to you, is what we are here to help you build.

Nerds pushing limits through consistency, intensity, and purpose. 


When you know what you want and you want it bad enough, you'll find a way to get it.” — Jim Rohn

Save time onsite and grab the service guide

Download The Service Guide - Testimonials, Coaching App, Coaches, and how we coach all in one place!

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Matter Athletica Values Tee Included in client sign-up pack

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