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Get to know the team, coaches, clients, and growing community of Matter Athletica. 

We are real individuals driving a needed change and higher standard of training, coaching, nutrition, and performance 

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Welcome to the Matter Athletica Community

Our business moto is simple. 

Purpose. Intensity. Consistency 

We work with our clients from all domains to develop these traits that they already have the capacity to harness within themselves and apply them towards a goal that they desire. 

We are not limited to the same old same old. Punishment coaching is garbage. Cookie cutter training templates made the same for masses are not what we do. We also remove jargon, misinformation, and fancy words that make you rely on a coach to drip-feed your next steps. 

You will be taught the process, how it works, why we are using it for you as an individual, and the steps laid out with you towards your goal. We walk you until you no longer need us, but rather want us with you. 

This is the new standard we are creating, and we want our community to build that with us. 

This is the #mattermentality

The Matter Athletica Team

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Ben Mayfield-Smith

Coach & CEO Matter Athletica

- Bach of Behaviour science (currently completing)

Majoring clinical psychology 

- Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF) cert 3 in fitness 

- AIF cert 4 in personal training 

- AIF master trainer level 1

- ASCA level 1 (previously completed)

- ISSN-SNS certified

- Acceptance and commitment therapist level 1 certified

- Certified completion Stages of Change level 1 


Brooklyn Naylor

Marketing Director (Wozniak/ B-Rok)

- Marketing Director

- IT & Web Development

- Community & Events 

- Athletes & Affiliates 

- Partnerships & Collaborations

Want to be part of the "new different" not the "new normal"?

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Partner with us in your community 

Want us to present a session with your gym, office, sporting team, or organisation? 

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