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Matter Athletica x The Institute Long Sleeve Casual - Bone

Matter Athletica x The Institute Long Sleeve Casual - Bone


It is 2024... The year we bring Matter Athletica & The Matter Institute into full force. Our goal is to create a true home of high performance. This home will continue to have an open door policy, to athletes, individuals, coaches and executives who want to upskill, add tools to their tool box, and help others upgrade their life too. 


Everyone should have access to resources that help change their circumstances for the better. The institute branding in cursive is centered at the core of Matter Athletica's circle of values. The values that surround everything we do, everything we touch, and everything we hope to create in the future. 

  • Please avoid using in a hot dryer. The transfer can wear faster than the lifetime of the garment and result in fading. Cold wash and air dry or cool dry in the dryer only. 

  • We use AS Colour for garment quality and printing is done locally to help keep resources where possible on local soil to support Australian Businesses

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