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Matter Athletica Purpose E-Book

Finding Your Purpose


Finding your purpose is one of the keys to life. Perhaps the most asked question of all time, "what is my purpose?" Is our purpose hidden in talents or hobbies, or is there something greater at play here? 


In this E-Book which completes the trio of E-Books in the Purpose Series. We delve deeper into navigating the process in discovering what your purpose is for you as an individual. Your tasks are laid out in 7 steps of written self-assessement. 


The accompanying books that partner in this series are: 

1. Building Your Optimal Environment. 

2. Goals That Orientate Our Lives. 


We recommend completing them in the following order (you can do them in any order you personally wish to): 


1. Finding Your Purpose. 

2. Goals That Orientate Our Lives. 

3. How To Build The Optimal Environment. 


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