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You're Not Ok How You Are...

...You absolutely should be better.

There is a weird sentiment within society, especially in the acceptance community; that you are ok exactly how you are, and you should just accept who that version of you is. What an absolutely ridiculous idea, and a complete waste of the potential you possess. By no means am I saying "hate who you are", and I think this nuance makes all the difference; but don’t you dare insinuate that you are ok how you are.

There Is Always Time

Regardless of your age, there is something, somewhere you can do better.

This especially applies to adolescents and the 20's types entering early adulthood. Your entire life for the next 10 years is going to be about how to improve who you are, and reaching the potential you have to maximize the life you have.

The best way to do that is not to find all the things you want to do well, the best way is to start with all the areas in your life you fail or fall short. I have yet to meet a person in 30 years of life who has reached a point where no further development is necessary, and they could have nothing else to offer by improving something about themselves.

There's something people need to be aware of in these statements and what it means underneath it all. The person saying it isn't doing you any favours. They aren’t building you up or helping your life with this drivel. The more likely scenario is, they are projecting an insecurity they possess about themselves and how they actually are. By demanding people be more accepting and suggest you're fine the way you are, it lets them pretend they are ok the way they are. Let's be honest, if you have to spend your time going around telling people it's ok to not be the absolute best version of themselves, then chances are there's a lot they can do better.

Why Stop?

The goal should never be to stagnate society, to cut us off at the head. You don’t want a society content with

self-development. All that does is slow down the potential of our collective species and what we can achieve together.

IF you are the person, spending your days telling the world it's ok to be exactly how you are and you don’t need to change, I suggest asking yourself, what’s one thing your life can stand to do better. I promise you, these people aren’t waking up to a scheduled day, with their house clean and their physical development at a basic level.

Pretending you are ok and therefore the world is ok as it is, is not only blatantly misinformed, it's straight-up wrong. Explain and think about how logically you can decide, at 25-30-35 that who you are is perfectly ok and there's not one thing in your life you could do better to provide more value to your life or society.

Think about how that carries you the rest of your life. Do you think the limited mental or physical development you placed on yourself with the fixed idea that you’re ok how you are at 25 will actually serve you? At 25 you barely know how to wipe your own ass or pay a bill and we're out here telling people to just "accept who they are", you don’t need to change or be better.

Not only is it wrong, but it’s also a misrepresentation of the responsibility you possess that comes with the gift and burden of life. You are responsible for the fact that you have a life. You have that gift, the gift that has come at the expense of thousands of years of your ancestor's reproduction. At any point, one of those generations stops meeting or doesn’t bear children and you don’t exist. Or the fact that you reached the egg and inherited the ability to possess consciousness. That should bear enough of a responsibility that you live up to that gift. Embrace it and act it out to its fullest capacity. That’s the beauty of life, it's not that you are ok how you are, it's that you can always do better, and you should!

On The Off Chance That You Don't Agree...

Play out the alternative and see where that gets you. It isn't going to end well. Do you think reaching 60 with the mental development or education of a child is ok? What happens when you lose a job, get sick, have to pay bills. You haven’t learned how to negotiate, you haven’t learned how to take care of yourself, why should you? At 25 you were ok how you were so why learn about good health, why learn about physical fitness or micronutrition.

It blows my mind, that there's a single person in society that thinks they are ok how they are. Especially if you are below 50. You're barely out of the first half and you think that’s enough. No, wrong. You aren’t enough, nor should you ever want to be. There’s always something more you can be. For yourself, for your community for the world in which you get the gift of living.

Don’t just try to be better, aim to be the best you can possibly be. You will realise that will continue to improve the best you can possibly become, better every time you reach another step.

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Trent Patten
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Brooklyn Naylor
05 mars 2022
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