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What are the 5 elements of Matter's success?

Updated: May 30, 2022

Success in Business - Every business has a way it delivers its product. That isn't a secret, it's been known since the dawn of trade. We have yet to, however, openly discussed what it is and how it is we do that said delivery...

Every Business in and around performance or fitness will generally oblige to the same underlying principles. We know the basics, it's why Matter gives them away so freely. It's not rocket science and you aren’t a wizard for knowing your client is in a calorie deficit.

So what makes us different. What makes us worth your time or energy let alone money. Well beyond the 5 elements which we will talk about soon; we genuinely care. Not just for your results, but for your life and the way you develop within the Matter Athletica environment. It’s one thing to get your client lean, it's another to see them achieve promotions, relationships, build a family, open businesses and so on and so forth. This is the pinnacle of it all for us. Seeing our clients go on to do great things.

Why is that associated with our coaching?

Because the right coaching, training and nutritional discipline converge into so many other areas in our lives. When we learn things like delayed gratification, long and short term goal setting, adherence and schedule optimization. These skills are conveyed in areas beyond the gym. Suddenly you are more efficient around your job, the household is more organized, your sleep and health are the main priority among many other physical health improvements.

This is the thing as a business, as a coach and as an educator I get up in the morning for. To scale this and be able to leave this impact on the world would leave me the greatest sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. After all that, what is the method we use to deliver these results and lifestyle improvements? We call it the 5 elements of success.

5 areas we believe optimize your chances of achieving the goals we set in the beginning.

What are they?

Training, Nutrition, Psychology, Education and Community.

Focusing On these 5 areas builds what we have coined the Matter Mentality. Now I guess, on the surface, all of these look pretty easy to assume, but how do we deliver them and why does it matter? Everyone is going to have their own approach to the most basic of principles that’s just how it works. Cola is a pretty generic flavour, but you immediately thought of coke or Pepsi didn’t you? That’s why it's important to distinguish how we facilitate these areas.

Training is the bread and butter. We as a business sit down and discuss many aspects of the goals you have. Dive really deep into them to understand more about you and where you want to go. We create a plan of attack, and a time frame and have you write it all down. From this, it's important that a client-centric, personally delivered program is made specifically to you your needs and your


Nutrition is a fun one. People think it's so boring and bland when it comes to nutrition, but we love providing it and helping understand nutrition the more a client grows. We again ask a lot about your goals, then we ask about what you enjoy, what are your favourite foods, what have you dieted on before, have you tracked macros, etc. and so on. All of this makes the overall process very different and individual to people.

Psychology is my passion, obsession and my drive to understand. Undergoing my bachelor's degree in behavioural sciences majoring in Clinical psychology, this field is fascinating to me. The way we can facilitate a client's changes and progress through their own mind, goals, mindset, ambitions, self-talk and internal language is amazing, to say the least. To be able to provide technique, tools, ideas, and systems to utilize the mind as a weapon, not as a hindrance is something I become very passionate


The last two elements

The next two elements are less tangible coaching and more the beauty of the system that is MATTER ATHLETICA.

Let's start with education. Education is something I pride myself on and as a child never thought I would be so passionately excited about. Education has become a means by which I personally as a student learn and ingrain my studies but also how we as a business can make such a large scale impact that we work to achieve. We work to include education in areas of lifestyle, training, nutrition, health, mindset, tips tricks and system optimization. As the head coach and educator, the philosophy I have always had in this area is to share it all. You cant take your knowledge with you when it's all said and done, but we can leave it behind, in a manner that facilitates the improvement of anyone who reads it/hears it/ uses it.

Through 1 to 1 coaching, articles and blogs, webinars, YouTube, podcasts, online courses and schooling we as a system and business plan to educate on every platform available. Money is not the objective; we just believe that everyone deserves to have access to these fundamental concepts in a digestible and understandable way. Retaining all the answers to locks and keys instead of openly providing a means by which people can facilitate their own changes doesn’t make sense to me and

as such will never be the model we as a Business operate by.

The last, amazing element we believe most fosters a client's success is the Community. When you join the Matter Athletica team, you aren’t just surrounded by people who don’t want to do anything or simply cruise through. It’s a collection of achievers and motivated individuals that, although aren’t going to the exact same place you may be, are all pushing you to reach the goal they set out on. It’s

the motivation of collective go-getters that you join that will support and motivate you to keep going and be one of those amongst the group kicking ass.


So, where did this model originate?

Well, I genuinely believe these 5 areas facilitate philosophy and psychology. The underlying pillars of self-determination theory imply that autonomy, competence and relatedness build intrinsic motivation towards your desired outcome. Using those 5 elements, autonomy and competence are achieved and the community collectively pushes relatedness as well. The desire to educate also implies an internal knowledge alongside that intrinsic motivation to facilitate drive towards your mission.

The how becomes a lot easier when you are able to understand the why. This is true for sport, performance, coaching for business and much more. To know not only that you have something to do, but why you have something to do helps us better focus without limitation or doubt.

That’s why we believe the 5 elements of Matter Athletica are the key to your success!

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