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Success is not Pretty

It just isn't.

Ever seen success and thought; man, I want that. That projected sense of success that comes with flashy cars, over the top clothing, the superficial luxuries that seems to come with anyone that has tasted success.

You’ve probably thought to your self that’s what its like, that’s how it must be and I want that. But here's the thing... success, well getting to it, is not pretty. Real success is not flashy cars and highly projected insecurities covered up with arbitrarily valued items. Sure, some of those things may come as a byproduct eventually. The majority however, that are successful, do not need to have this sense of showman ship.

Success is non-ecstatic in venture

Success along the way, is one of the ugliest, most boring and non-ecstatic lives you could live. It's busy when every one else is 'living it up', it's feeling tired when everyone else gets to relax yet you still bust ass.

When you strive towards higher goals and things of a more extreme nature, you learn in fact, that success is in the mundane. It's found in the boring and repeated behaviors. Every single day is about acquiring small victories that accumulate to a total win at the end.

Then we repeat that over and over.

Projecting Success and being Successful are very different

When these 'projected successful' we may call them; show off their flashy lives, travel here, party there and buy this or that... It's most likely a show of validation. We can not luck or fluke our way into success. It really isn't possible short of a lottery win. You almost have to live an existence of repeated behaviour to even enter the draw of success. Sacrifice and discipline must be your entry ticket.

There is a reason Instagram fitness influencers always promote or share “ my latest booty buster” or “my latest exploding arm pump workout”, as if that one off random act of stimulation is what will lead to growth, thus success when it comes to training. Reality is, we know that progressive overload which is a gradual increase of weight or load of a target area by way of the same movement patterns is what stimulates a response.

This isn't exciting, it isn't sexy and often it doesn’t sell... But it works. Every, single, person that offers these programs has done it this way, yet promotes the idea its something else. Because, the way to achieve success doesn’t sell.

Most people don't want the Ugly and Mundane

Most people don’t want to buy into the ugly, boring, isolated repetitive lifestyle that success requires. They want the glamour and the thrills of the finish line; thinking that’s what it is at all times.

But, not many are wiling to pay the toll that comes from using the bridge to get there. it’s a simple formula, repeated by every single person that has earnt success. Mark Zuckerberg uses the same clothing every single day, removes wasted time on choice if they all look the same, but his repeated routines happen the second he is out of bed. Warren Buffet will eat the same brekky every single day depending on the market that morning. Some of the most incredible athletes and sports figures wake up to the same grueling morning, day in day out, year round of their careers in order to reach and sustain their success.

Nothing is enticing about that trade off though, you aren’t going to want to buy into some life coaches plan or program, some gurus wealth advice if they make it sound ominous and daunting. But that’s the reality, we wake up, we control the variables we can have control over. We adjust as the world changes, we maintain what systems we can create and we repeat. In doing this, we are able to see exactly what isn't working, what we need to change, and how to improve in order to reach the success we are striving for.

You aren't entitled to Success, but you can at the very least join the Race

The scariest part, and the main reason if you ask me that a lot of people don’t want to hear this, is because it doesn’t entitle you to success, it simply puts you in the race. You are not given the finish line, you are simply allowed to stand on the starting line. Imagine selling to someone an ugly, lonely repetitive lifestyle that wont even be certain of the thing you aim for? It's not as pretty as saying, "you could have flashy cars, girls money and mansions if you sign up to this program" - blah blah.

The number 1 secret, is simply this. Success… Is beautiful and ugly all at the same time. It is the beauty of the mundane that it creates. It is ugly to anyone not willing to look a little deeper and put in what's required. It's not the flashy life that offers you true beauty, its knowing that you did it and no one can take it away from you. That the sacrifices were worth it, so long as you were willing to make them. That is why success is not pretty. Its hell and torment, dangling you with allured rewards before you understand the cost that’s involved in doing so. But know, you can only have those things, if you are willing to pay...

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