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Welcome to the Matter Athletica Institute! 

Here, we provide courses for you as an individual, coach, or client to upskill your knowledge and enhance your performance.

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What is the Matter Athletica Institute?

The Matter Athletica Institute was developed at the same time as Matter Athletica. Why? Because the company we desire to keep growing is one of integrity and we do not want to hold knowledge at ransom so that you need to rely on us for the source of information. 

What we teach our clients is something people and coaches should also have access to. We want to improve the standard of the industry and develop high-performing individuals who have found their purpose and passions either with us, or enhance them with us. 

6 Weeks to Tracking Proficiency 


Course Curriculum 

Welcome to 6 weeks to tracking proficiency 

The MFP Toolkit

How to weigh and scale for tracking

W1 - Starting with your protein

W2 - Your veg, fruit, and fibre

W3 - Time to add some carbs

W4 - Dietary fats

W5 - Food palatability and palatable foods

W6 - Bringing it all together

BONUS CONTENT - Tracking Alcohol and Sugar Alcohols

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Fundamentals Of 'Everything'

Graduated from your course? 

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