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We work with YOU. No more cookie-cutter templates supplied to the masses.

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Struggling to find time available to train?

Sleeping only 5-6 hrs/broken sleep?

Carrying extra bodyfat due to lifestyle?

Not sure how to eat when training?

Working hard and no changes happening?

Low energy levels, get tired quickly?

Worried it will restrict your social life?

parenting and training?

Our Client Community & Testimonials

Our clients and their ongoing results physically and mentally build the Matter Athletica Community.

You will join other members on their journey through our community network, forums, coach Q&A sessions, and of course; repping the Matter Mentality when you attack your sessions! 

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Being able to learn how to eat while away in the mines for work and not feel restricted changed my view on training and nutrition

Check-in Day is my favourite day, you always find a way to show my progress is actually happening, and teach me something new. I leave feeling refreshed.

What you have taught me has also completely changed other domains of my life, it's crazy to see it.

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Get yourself a coach that not only trains you, but teaches what you need to keep going on after. Big thanks to Ben for the coaching

Having a coach that understood nightshift work was important for me

Unpacking your experience
with us as a client

we work with you to create lifestyle goals that motivate you to make shifts you're looking for

Educate you and provide hands-on practice on how to use food. No client-coach blockage. 

we work within your schedule, and provide you with an individual training plan you can actually stick to!

Educate you on how to still enjoy life while still hitting all of your targets. We remove restrictive coaching.



Personalised Programming

Education Modules

Coaching in a client's
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I started  here

One of the biggest roadblocks for clients when looking for change is navigating the sea of coaches.

They are looking to find someone to guide them who perhaps has been in their shoes, or at the very least can understand potential limitations, and actively work with them around those hurdles instead of feeling like a failure before the start. 

Training, bodybuilding & proper dieting changed my life. Helped me see my true capacity and gave me a real sense of direction, fulfillment, and new purpose in life.

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Your coaching includes

- Ongoing personalised programming

- Educational training sessions, learn how to use food and exercise to support your goal step by step

- Weekly check-in via zoom to chat about the program, progress, and mindset

- Behaviour and psychology activities to implement alongside your program

- Access to all current and future e-books, the Matter Athletica Community, and hidden members' articles. VIP access to all in-person seminars

- Goal Setting, breaking down your goal together and applying steps to reach it successfully

- 24/hr Support from the Matter Athletica team

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All clients get our values tee in their pack!

Establishing Purpose 

Applying Consistency


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