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Golas that Orientate our lives e-book

Goals That Orient Our Lives


Goals That Orient Our Lives - A 40 page E-book on the strategies of effective goal setting. Often we can have a goal, aim for it, and sadly find ourselves stuck in a loop of feeling motivated towards the goal because we dont know where to begin; trying to reach for it only to give up at the first road block. Sound familiar? 


It's very common, sometimes our goals can feel too big to reach. However, finding a way to effectively breakdown the goal into actionable steps aligned with your values will see you attain it much faster. 


There is printable activity sheets located throughout the book on the white pages, and instructions and info on the black pages. 


We would love to see you tag us in your progression towards your goals after buying this e-book, it genuinely makes our day seeing you all go after it. That Matter Mentality is in all of us! #mattermentality

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